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Eager conversations and role-playing activities are bound to follow. Walkie Talkie is an interactive and creative toy. If your child is imaginative and adventurous, this walkie talkie will allow them to explore more of their inventiveness and animate their playtime with much excitement. When you are speaking, always press button on the left side of the walkie talkie. Use the button on the right to either switch on or off the walkie talkie. Installed antenna on both pairs receives and transmits messages from each device. Quality of voice is determined by distance and the strength of the battery.

Walkie Talkie For Kids

Use the button on the right to either switch on or off the walkie talkie, good play time for kids

Good range within the house (50 Meter range)

Unscrew two walkie talkies and insert 3 AA batteries in each. We are ready to use them. There are two buttons on each walkie talkie. When you are speaking, always press left side button (which activates the transmitter). Operate right side button to either
switch on or switch off the unit

Material: Plastic; Color: Yellow Size: 33.4 x 24.2 x 4.8 cm

Perfect Gift for Children:

Gift for 3-12 year old boys, teen girl gifts, walkie talkies for kids teen boy gifts birthday. Great for both indoor and outdoor activities such as going shopping, spring outing and summer camping. note that the max range is 50 mtrs in an obstacle free outdoor environment

Ergonomic Design:

Small and light weight, easy to carry, it fits comfortably in children’s hands with ergonomic design. An uncomplicated push-to-talk button makes this toy easy to use for 3-12 years old girls and boys. Brings fun in a healthy method, and prevents children from getting addicted to electric games and video games.

Perfect Adventure Kids Toys:

Situation can be real-time monitoring of children. Stay connecting with your friends and families especially in outdoor activities, the best outdoor toys for boys and girls.

Good play time for kids. Superior Antenna Quality for receiving better audio signals & less disturbance during transmission, When you are speaking, always press button on the left side of the walkie talkie so other device can receive that signal and it will play the sound in real time.

This walkie-talkie works on the simple physics principle, where we are converting audio signals into radio signals via antenna, later other walkie talkie will decode signals of radio into audio signals, then voice is heard. So build quality and antenna quality determines the quality of voice heard in walkie talkie conversations.

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 5 cm


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