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This solar robot toy is powered by the sun and no batteries required. The robot kit includes a solar power panel. That collects solar heat energy into an electric energy drive motor, which drives the gears to make the machine run smoothly.

The science kits are designed to enhance your children’s science, technology, engineering and math skills. It has strong practical ability, which has cultivated the spirit of scientific exploration with the help of parents.

The robot toy can easily change from a wagging-tail dog -> running beetle -> walking crab -> surfer -> speedster -> zombie chaser…

The robot kit provides unique accessories (included) and parts that make the robot move on land and water.


Curious learners will be challenged with building and interacting with the 14 different robot designs and functions. Boys and girls will learn about solar energy and robotics from the comfort of their home or classroom- while having tons of fun. This kit includes educational instructions and two levels of complexity for the robot builds.


With alternative energy playing such a pivotal role, there is no better time than now to start children on the path to learning basic concepts behind robotics and renewable energy resources. Fortunately, this product is powered by the sun, so there are no batteries required. The robot moves in the direct sunlight and allows kids to create and use their infinite imagination.


The robot has modes that work in both the land or in water. Some modes will walk or crawl and others will float or swim. Explore mechanics and science on your tabletop, floor, pool or bathtub. Switch up your environment keeps this toy interesting for your child or student.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics;

rather than teach the four methods as separate and individual subjects, STEM consolidates them into an interconnected learning standard based on real-world applications.

Each Build-Your-Own (DIY) Robot Kit is a working model that demonstrates STEM concepts for ages 6 and up.

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 5 cm


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