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Experience the thrill and excitement of 3rd generation radio control arc car

This Remote Control Car can Go ahead or back up, stop, front wheels left reverse, right reverse; 360-degree spinning, and flips; so It’s the best festive gift for your children, especially attractive for little boys and girls.

Stunt Car For Kids

This Remote Control Car comes with 4 huge off-road tires, daredevil spin, precise racing, and breathtaking advanced stunts; with fantastic music on, the wheels light up; the exciting music and flashing headlights will add more fun to kids. For instance, adults can play with the kids.
It produces bright colors and lights, dynamic music, translucent tires, and blazing speed makes it different from others, which will attract the interest of your children. Also, it has small in size, lightweight, and very easy to carry. Add more fun even for children’s excursions.
This Remote Control Car comes with many features that will keep kids entertained for hours. Delight yourself with its feat tricks, twirls, and turns. It does so much rolling that it’s hard to believe that it would remain intact after such an action.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Toy

It’s suitable for 3 years old or above. spins adds fun to the show-get it spinning spirally, flipping over 360 degrees and performing super wheelies, it’s a virtual treat for your eyes and children will immediately fall in love with this breathtaking advanced Stunt Car.

Remote controlled 360 degree twister stunt car for kids circles 360 degrees twists all round forward reverse amazing super speed and strong.

Amazing super turbo summer sault racer multi functional remote-controlled magic aerobatic stunt car, turbo 360 degrees front axle spins, super wheelies spinning action blazing speed special feature create your own stunts at your command front rotating wheel with 360 degree spinning action.

The super spinning action allows it to perform various cool stunts that other standard arc cars can’t.

Just connect the batteries (Not Included) and it’s ready to do amazing flip-overs and super wheelies with blazing speed.

Features: sealed in box cool flashing lights in tires wireless radio control turbo 360 degree front axle spins.

The package includes one stunt car, one remote control, and one charger.

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 cm


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